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Free points from Gearbest & Trackitonline
#301 GBKathy [ 397 45 ] : 2017-03-02 07:33:17
#8897 McSimus [ 0 0 ]
Order No.:WB1702241238049938   fast shipping EU warehouse - 2 days delivery with DHL.
Great +++ for Gearbest Warehouse EU. But  --- for slow shipping from China for other orders.

1.  19 in 1 Practice Padlock Set  -  TRANSPARENT

2.  2M Christmas LED String Light  -  PURPLE 

3. KT003 Arduino UNO Starter Kit 
Hi McSimus,

Thanks a lot for your post!  This point activity is closed now.  

Today i applied 40 GB points for your order WB1702241238049938. The points will arrive to your account within 1-2 business days, please kindly take care of it!

Thanks again for your participating!  
Have a nice day!
#302 GBKathy [ 397 45 ] : 2017-03-02 07:36:35
Hi All,

Sorry to tell you, this point activity is closed now!  Thanks a lot for your focusing and support before.  

Have a nice day!

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